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Try these fashion wear for gym during summer..

Try these fashion wear for gym during summer..

News news news….Girls to get started and get your body beach ready, the best time is the transition from spring to summers. But the point is should we wear the rigmarole or be trendy this season?? Call me quirky or weird but I do love summers more than winters…. And for apparent reasons that I can dress to kill and totally to my will, hence you can too… but if the apparel is not proper then the fittest of fitness freaks find it a challenge and a chore. Follow these trends and ideas and make yourself healthier but the fashionable way:

  • Too tight is not fashion: try and avoid clothes that are too tight on the skin as the skin needs to breath especially during summers. Working out in the heat can make you sweat a lot and a little loose clothing will make your skin breathe and dry your sweat.
  • Color matters surely: time to avoid the boring and dull shades, rather experiment with some nice vibrant colors this season. Not only will it keep you cooler but also add some style to your clothing.
  • Time for head protection: you don’t want to end up with a heat stroke hence when running outdoors remember to cover your head with a cool head gear, can be a nice and stylish cap or a bandana.
  • Find the right kind of fabric: my personal favorite is the dry fit range from Nike. It’s extremely comfortable and skin friendly. Don’t only consider the track pants, t. shirts but also the socks as these are your foot supporting tools. Cotton might not be the best option because it remains wet because of the sweat.
  • A comfortable sports bra is essential: the right fit is very important to keep your body well protected during your workouts. However in today’s time one has many options to choose from, thus making the comfort level the priority you can also choose vibrant colors and creative designs.

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