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Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

A smart fashion designer is one that creates flattering dresses with minimal waste. Sometimes fast fashion becomes highly toxic to the environment and saying no to these garments and clothes that use millions of liters of water to eventually end up in landfills, becomes a responsible choice to save the environment. We need to be conscious fashion creators that can practice sustainable fashion in ways that are possible to us.


  1. Zero-Waste Fashion

Zero-waste fashion is practicing by reducing the waste while creating attires. Making sure that no extra fabric can been rejected during the making of the garment. At the pre-consumer level, it’s important to ensure that the cloth does not have extra cut offs or unnecessary fabric. If so, use them to create another garment.  Students at Nitte School of Fashion Technology and Interior Design are highly encouraged to practice numerous exercises for a zero waste fashion.

Practice sustainable fashion by encouraging customers to reuse and recycle old garments. Give old clothes a new lease on life. Turn jeans into tote bags and sarees into a curtain, use your imaginations and create garments that can be re-purposed.


   2.     3D Seamless Knitting

Seamless knitting can be explained in a simple way called digitized knitting, like a 3D printer for knits. 3D knitting saves time and labor cost as it reduces the cost of creating a single knit. This type of garment is designed to flatter the customer’s body. The garment flows along the contours of the customer’s body, taking a shape of their silhouette. Diploma in Fashion Design students at Nitte are encouraged to acquire this method and create a sustainable fashion.


3. Dyeing

Most clothes now are colored using a synthetic dye. The dye is not only vigorously harmful for the environment but can also cause deep damage to those involved in the creation of that attire. Sustainable dying consumes less water and the water can also be reused. This prevents toxins from releasing in the environment.

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