Scope of Fashion Designing in 2019

Scope of Fashion Designing in 2019

A career which is made just for the creative minds, Fashion Designing has considered being one of the best paying industry today. Career in fashion designing is known to be a glamorous field, even though it has a cut-throat challenge and competitions. However fashion designing students have innumerable choices and opportunity with the wide scope of fashion design in India as well as abroad. After completing their professional courses in fashion designing the students have many ways to join fashion houses/ manufacturing/export units for a paid job. There is also a wide scope being fashion entrepreneurs and having their own label in the market.

Nitte School of Fashion Technology and Interior Design gives opportunities for the creative minds to explore expanding scope in the thrilling field of fashion with a futuristic approach. Read below the various roles in the world of fashion after completing a course in Fashion Designing.

Fashion Designer:

The fashion Designers are the key players in fashion houses and industries with creative new products and latest trends. If you are creative minded with out of the box thinking and hard work while handling the pressure positively, you have make good money with intensives in this market.

Fashion Illustrator:

A fashion illustrator is fundamentally responsible for preparing relevant sketches according to the fashion designers perspective and desires. An illustrator is the right hand for the mental creations and ideas of the fashion designer. The annual salary earnings of fashion illustrator professionals vary depending on their experience, educational background, and expertise. Experienced and top-level Fashion illustrator professionals have higher salary potentials.

Fashion Stylist:

A Fashion stylist maintains dress codes, makeups and hairstyles for the best look in the show. Stylists take care of all the aesthetic looks and makeups for display in the fashion shows and promotional programs.  Big fashion stores hire fashion stylists to offer styling advice to their customers. Generally, clients hire a vast, creative team to stay in sync with the latest fashion trend, so if you are a good fashion stylist, the money flow is never a concern.

Fashion Coordinator: 

Fashion Coordinators are responsible for marketing policies and their arrangements. Coordinators are not related in the fashion talks, they take care of the advertising products, organizing fashion shows and also involving in the promotion of the fashion events.

Fashion Consultant:

The responsibilities of a fashion consultant are to be aware of the latent trends and the transitions in the fashion domain. With the knowledge of fashion designing the consultant should offer ideas with respect to development of a project. The Fashion consultant requires being an observer who is sensitive to the changing trends and vogue. Fashion consultants have great requirements in the fashion world and are also highly paid.

Fashion Merchandiser:

A merchandiser has a primary responsibility of being aware of the fashion trends, fabrics, textures, hues etc. They are supposed to take care of marketing by analyzing past and latest trends including sales data with respect to key deliverable. A fashion merchandiser is required to collect details from fashion buyers and coordinate with the management and production team to meet the requirements of the market along with understanding market demands and production procedures. Being a good fashion merchandiser enables you to earn as much as you desire.

The evolving fashion industry has a positive impact on the economy as it offers wide opportunity in this domain. Fashion designing course has become one of the most sought-after career options for student after class 12. Creative minds choose this career because of the broad scope that promises hefty salaries and exhilarating work environment.  

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