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The universe is expanding limitlessly and quite evidently and ironically it does not impart sufficient space for all our things. The rooms are getting smaller leading for us to utilize every corner quite cleverly. Those corners and the empty spaces we have been overlooking can now be transformed into a creative space and be useful. It won’t just give the room an elegance and great look but it will also save a lot of spaces and make the room look bigger. Time to eliminate the limitations of a small room and make every corner useful and stylish!

Nitte students came up with brilliant ideas to transform a small space into a well decorated haven.

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If a well outline look with a decorative touch fascinate you, then shelves plays a critical role in giving you that look, with a limited space.

The selves can be designed with the customized look of your room, the plant pots can be systematically kept, coffee mugs or plates can be randomly placed combined with some classy looking holders to give a fancy look to your room. Don’t forget to design your shelves, wood or tile plates with a uniform material.


Unleash your creativity and don’t spend a fortune on remodeling your compact spaces. One of the ways to make a small room, look decorative is to hang a wide collection of different frames on the wall. This just doesn’t decorate the walls but also gives the room an antique look. The frames do not consume spaces but only adds on in giving a fancy touch to your room!


Curtains are one of the best accessory to make your room appear bigger than it already is and cover up the mess! Keeping the curtains the same color as the room, gives you a calm and cozy look. The curtains do not cut down the space but instead conceal the storage. Interior designers possess a skill set which is later improvised through Interior Designing Courses or skill development courses which will equip them with the right ideas and the best combined colors with the sustainability of the customers.


Lights: Turn the lights on to shine the compacted spaces!

  • Fairy lights:

The fairy light creates a calmness and coziness in the bedroom and turns it into a paradise. Keeping the starry lights on the mirror provides even a bigger impact. The starry night lights are always appreciated after a long hazy day. Fairy lights create an illusion of space by diverting the attention.

  • Floating lamp:

The beautiful crystal floating lamps and antique lamps are great space savers. These lamps can be shifted anywhere and used as per choice. The lights create an extraordinary gloom to the rooms and quite evidently hide the compact spaces.

  • Bedside Table lamps:

The bedside table lamps are life savers, they not only reduce the efforts of waking up in the middle of the night to operate the lights but also utilize the bed space quite smartly. This makes table lamp a smart investment.



Attics are flexible and most resourceful part of our home. Attics are suitable to be redesigned in any way that’s suits our needs.

  • The angles of the Attics can be used smartly and can be utilized it for beds or with the roof littered with cozy lights.

  • The Attics can also be converted into a playroom for the kids or a small home theater if the hall is not utilized for any other purpose.

  • One more creative way to use the Attics is converting them into a workstation. Keeping a center table for all the work equipment and using the slants of the wall as shelves.

  • Compacted or not, every corner in your house has an absolute potential to be transformed into heavenly suites of any purpose, given an amount of creativity. The true talent lies in visualization and processing it into reality, keeping the cost in mind. If you are even slightly passionate about designing spaces, then this is the right place. Enroll and start your journey with Interior designing courses like Diploma in Interior Design at Nitte School of fashion technology and Interior design.

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