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One year PGD- Home Interiors

“Architecture should speak of it’s and place, but earn yearn for timelessness”-Frank Gehry

Interior designing deals with design, decor, and aesthetics of home interiors, buildings and built environment in general. This one year course will focus on understanding the various aspects of this field like an appropriate use of space, architecture, and design, creative ideas pertaining to interiors and all those parameters will be taught that help to build environment more attractive, comfortable and ultimately more useful to customer or clients. Architecture and creative design combine to form the base of interior design. The course will teach various aspects of design, creativity, layout, space, functionality, and utility.

As a foundation course, it includes the overall basics of all essential space designing elements and principles. Construction, residential design, basic design, graphics, practical knowledge of material and basic services are some of the subjects taught in this course.



On pursuing this one year exhaustive course, students will become ready to work successfully with architectural firms, interior designer, start their own design consultancy, etc.