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One Year PGD-Fashion Retail Marketing & Merchandising

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” — Bill Cunningham.

Once the clothes are designed and ready to sell, how do they reach the customer? The process of buying clothes from manufacturers and selling them to customers is known as retailing. Whereas fashion marketing involves everything from managing the flow of merchandise from the first stage of design to presenting it to retail customers and finally promoting it to the end users. Merchandising involves selling the right product, at the right place, right time and to the right customer. It also involves presenting goods attractively in stores, outlets, over the counter, etc.



This program will open up career opportunities in areas like fashion merchandise, sales promotion, retail advertising, and other retail activities. After completion of this course students will have following job profiles to select from: Fashion buyer, Fashion Merchandiser, Product Designer and developer, Design Consultant & Entrepreneur, Exporter, Retailing outlets, Boutiques & Visual Merchandiser, Production Executive, Quality Control Manager, Sampling Coordinator, sourcing manager.