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Mother’s Fashion Swag

Mother’s Fashion Swag

A modern pair of queen and princess

Memories with her will bring all the emotions at one place and eyes filled. I still remember the days when I stood holding my mom’s hair while she is buckling up my school uniform. From uniform to the trends we wear today, she plays as a designer to what we look like and has been a reason for what we are today.

Couple dressing alike is an old story but mother and daughter dressing alike gives a glance of a modern pair of queen and princess. Here are few fashion outfits to twin with your daughter. Isn’t it a butterfly show to watch a mom and a daughter dressing alike? There are trendy apparels designed on this subject and who would want to miss trying one of them for this mother’s day.  So here are some of the best outfits you can try.

Angel birds twinning in white


In a white short skirt a girl looks more like a pretty angelic princess.

Zebra stripes – simple two color magic

Magic do happens with simple things, look at this pair in white and black and still being perfectly trendy.


 With blue the Pair looks Beautiful

Blue and white is a classic combo. To twin in such a design cannot take the eyes off it.

Dress like a Fairy

White and sky-blue is another classic combination. This pair in this outlook looks like fairy.

Redness is a symbol of confidence

To get dressed in red takes a little thought, as it undoubtedly grabs all the eyes on you and when a mother and daughter twinning in this color it adds a ton more prettiness.

Twinning from head to toe

This pair has nailed it with a trendy outfit twinning from head to toe. Not even compromising with the hair style this looks like a perfect pair of models.

Two beautiful pink roses

Pink color directly hits on girlish look. The matching hat to the flowered wear is paired as perfectly as this pair of mom and daughter.


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