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Journey of a House to a Home

Journey of a House to a Home

A lot of times people end up confusing these two words for one another, but if you get into the details of the same then there is a vast difference between the two. Well, I am talking about the professions which makes an idea into a house and finally into a “home” i.e. Interior designing and Interior decorating.

Interior designing is more of an art and fine design or rather a science of gaging and understanding people’s behavior to develop functional and useful spaces within an edifice. Once we decide on decorating or furnishing a particular space with our sense of fashion, and when we try and beautify the same that is when the requirement of an interior decorator arises. Interior designing is vast and surely more technical hence we can say that an interior designer can be a decorator however a decorator cannot be a designer.

Given below are a few points which would starkly lay emphasis on the difference between the two for a clearer understanding:



  • Training/Schooling: Interior designing is such a profession that needs proper and formal education as the work involved is of technical nature, i.e. analyzing and thorough knowledge of colors and design, accurate space planning, furniture design and drawing, computer aided designs, architecture, etc.
  • A designers job: Its primarily to do with spatial planning and pitching in their bit with designing and renovating interiors, however their job begins right from drawing the initial plans related to floors to completing it to the T. we can say that a designer does not only accentuate the overall look but also the functionality of a particular structure.
  • Primary requirements to be a designer: Education in this field is country and state specific however in most of the cases a professional qualification/degree is imperative and also at times during the selection of a designer, an entrance exam might be a requirement.
  • Scope of work: The scope is big here, and one can get absorbed from residential projects to commercial projects like hotels, restaurants, retirement homes, etc.
  • Business opportunities: As a designer the business scope is much wider and the general trend is that designers have their own businesses and end up hiring decorators for the same.



  • Training/Schooling: It’s slightly easier for the interior decorators in comparison to the designers to enter this field as no professional degree or education as such is required however ones focus needs to be surely on the aesthetics. When planning a renovation or structural change, participation of decorators isn’t really required. Their job begins in the latter part of the whole gambit.
  • A decorator’s job: Well honestly considering the amount of compliments I get on my aesthetic sense I think I can be a decorator too. But on a more serious note the primary job of a decorator is to turn the space around and give it a more pleasing and beautiful face and shape.
  • Primary requirements to be a decorator: Here more than the education, the hidden creative talent and sense of styling matters.
  • Scope of work: In comparison to a designer definitely the scope is narrower as the effort involved along with the qualifications is also lesser. Some decorators are comfortable and keep their area of work limited to residential properties only..
  • Business opportunities: As an interior decorator, the options are immense though. One can work in a business house or even a retail store, or if one wants to play with its creativity freely, then the freelancing option is always available i.e. freelance interior decorator.

These are a few differences which might help you when deciding to choose between the two, however As beautifully quoted by Billy Baldwinbe faithful to your own taste because nothing you truly like will ever be out of style, Keep smiling and playing with your creative mind.

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