Is Interior Designing a Good Option for a Career?

Is Interior Designing a Good Option for a Career?

Interior designing is all about changing the aesthetic and creating healthier living environments for end users. Interior designing sure comes with a competitive environment with an immense scope in India as well as overseas, innovative design and creative thinking can make one reach the pinnacle in this field. However an Interior Designer needs to be equipped with good education, practical knowledge to design, plan, execute and an out of the box thinking.

Nitte School of Fashion Technology and Interior Design, a reputed Interior Design college in Bangalore helps you achieve your dreams for an Interior Designing career.

What Interior Designers Do

Interior Designers should be prepared to make interior spaces beautiful, functional and safe which is done by determining space requirements, selection decorative ideas, matching items, colors, decorative lights and materials. An interior designer’s must read the blueprints and should be aware of building codes and inspection regulations.

Roles of Interior Designers:

Corporate Designers play the role of interior designing for professional work space, whether it is small office or a large scale corporation within high-rise buildings. Corporate designers should focus on creating spaces that are safe, functional and efficient for employees. Incorporating design elements that reflects companies brand design is always a plus.

Kitchen and bath designers should be specialized and have in depth knowledge of wide range of cabinets, appliances, fixtures, plumping and electrical solution of the rooms.

Universal Designers take part in renovating spaces in order to make it more accessible. Universal designers can benefit all but sometimes they are majorly convolved with renovating places for elderly people or even people with special needs. An example can be taken that an entrance without the staircase can be used by someone with a wheelchair whereas the same entrance can also be used by people with baby strollers.

Healthcare Designers design and renovate healthcare centers, hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, residential care facilities by using the evidence based design process. They concentrate on giving the best possible outcomes for patients and residents by making design decisions on a credible research.

Sustainable Designers are supposed to use strategies that improve energy, indoor air quality and water efficiencies. They maintain an environmentally preferable product like bamboo or cork for floors. They may obtain certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) which indicates expertise in designing buildings and spaces with sustainable practices in mind.

Following are the career related to Interior Designing


   Art Directors

   Craft and Fine Artists

   Fashion Designers

   Floral Designers

   Graphic Designers

   Industrial Designers

An Interior Designers has a promising career in India with wide range of opportunity, one can work in the field of Construction company, Architectural firms, Event management companies, Exhibition centers, Interior designing companies, Retails, Theater, Tv and film, Design journalism and Design consultancies. As long as you are backed up with right Interior Design school and an experimental exposure, you can reach the highest peak in this career. Nitte School of Fashion Technology and Interior Design, provides students with an outside exposure and out of the box thinking by giving them opportunity to work on live projects, industry visits, workshops and makes them gain confidence about what is expected from them as an Interior Designers in today’s market.

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