Infrastructure Facilities

Combined with high quality education and aesthetically built infrastructure, Nitte has sustained a rapid growth with a well-structure and intensive courses.

NITTE School of Fashion Technology and Interior Design has got sprawling campus. The main block is aesthetically designed and built to suit the requirements of a top Fashion designing and Interior designing college. Nitte has one of the most beautifully designed campuses in Bangalore

The artistic Infrastructure at Nitte School of Fashion Technology and Interior Design College includes :


Textile designing lab is equipped with modern technology built to test the quality of vast variety of fabrics. Textile designing is all about developing flair to generate creative new designs with structures. This allows the innovation to flow through your hands and eyes making the surrounding structure that catches attention.

Interior designing lab Nitte is designed to give in depth knowledge about designing and the space structures. Nitte gives students the freedom to play with textures, colors and fabrics with their best interests and creative minds. This polishes their technical knowledge and skills that they already possess.

Architectural Drafting Lab

The sewing lab consists of different dress materials forms and efficient sewing machines for vast divergent purposes.

AmphitheaterThe vast space at amphitheater is used for special gatherings, a natural space where student meet each other and share some time together. A chosen small section of space on one of the row is proven to be ideal for quality conversation or simple solitude. Special events are performed at the Amphitheatre, festivals, classes, convocation and group speaking is a part of it.

Swimming Pool

Sports and Fitness: Nitte firmly believes that fitness is a way of life and is an essential part of a healthy life style. The sports room has variety of sports provides for the students like Table Tennis, Carom and Chess. Nitte also has a wide spread ground build to play Cricket, Football and Athletics. Basketball and volley ball court is an extended part of the sports area. Nitte campus is also equipped with a Swimming Pool, a sport that not only makes you fit but also refreshes your mind and soul.

The Library: With a vast collection of unique, rare books and journals, Nitte School of Fashion Technology and Interior Design’s library becomes a perfect collaborative space that is enjoyed by the students. The library includes modern photocopiers as well as printers for the students to us, making it a blend of traditional knowledge bank with latest technology.


Campus Seurity: The campus security at Nitte initiates rapid response when security service is contacted by students, staff or visitors. The campus also has number of procedures responding to emergency situations if they arise.

Canteen & Hostel Facility: The hostel at Nitte is designed in a way where the students have enough space and privacy for their day to day life. The canteen has low priced yet nutritious meals for staff and students which is supervised by the management.

Computer labs: at Nitte is equipped with latest systems that are upgraded with up to date software that enables every student to be exposed to the newest technology which helps them learn and explore their creativity to a different higher level. The computers are equipped with advanced software like 3D smart Photoshop tools, Rhinoceros, CAD, CAD-JD, Coral Draw, Lectra etc.

Facilities 24×7 Medical facility/ student counseling Nitte provides Medical facilities and doctor on call for currently rolled students and staff.

Student counseling and PSYCHOTHERAPY is provided with sessions on Thursday between the hours of 3-4 pm