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How 3D Printing Is Bringing Revolution In The World of Fashion?

How 3D Printing Is Bringing Revolution In The World of Fashion?

3D Printing: The Revolution

The fashion world is taken by storm through 3D printing technology. The design has taken a transition from painstaking traditional textile to digital one-off production techniques, these clothes can be used and repeated within a span of a minute. 3D printing uses a process called ‘rapid prototype’ which uses unique kind of art unlike tradition fashion that uses mould designs. 3D printing also uses a process known as ‘Additive Manufacturing’ which eliminates the endless hours of tradition textile techniques and creates extreme patterns and intricacies designs.

3D printing has immense benefits, from reducing shipping costs to minimizing offshore manufacturing and decreasing waste.

Image Source- http://bit.ly/2OhmXvQ
Image Source- http://bit.ly/2AD7tP2

Architect Francis Bitonti and a New York Fashion Designer Michael Schmidt showcased real example of 3D technology where they collaborated and crafted a garment for Burlesque Diva Dita Von Tesse, which was then worn on the convention hosted at the Ace Hotel in March. Paris Fashion Week unveiled Dutch Designer Iris Van Herpen’s masterpieces. More examples of 3D technology’s rising potential were demonstrated through the introduction of 3D-printed jewellery and 3D-printed shows from companies like Hot Pop Factory and New Balance.

This floor- length gown made out of nylon was created using selective laser sintering (SLS), the materials is strengthened in layers from plastic and is fused together with a laser. The netted structure is fully

articulated by the rigid plastic components which allows for movement. Spirals based on the Golden Ratio were applied to a computer rendering of Von Teese’s body so the garment fits Dita Von Teese exactly.

The gown is graced with 12,000 Swarovski crystals, draped over a nude silk corset and is clinched n at the waist and exaggerated at the shoulders.

Image Source- http://bit.ly/2EQ8CqQ

Advantages of 3D printing

The USP of 3D printing is that the buyers are not required to visit the local retail stores to fetch needed custom designs. The 3D printer owners print intricate and creative fashion clothes in a very short period of time by downloading or creating customized designs online. Some examples of 3D printing websites are Shapeways and Thingiverse, these websites have appeared to be players in sectors like clothing and aesthetic accessories. The combination of geometrically-intricate patterns and features that’s an absolute eye –catcher makes 3D printing the future of fashion revolution.

Image Source- http://bit.ly/2SyAr9S

Future of 3D printing

3D manufactures are relocating their focus towards manufacturing wearable and breathable materials combined with organic materials.

Since printers have been reaching a perfection when comes to printing fabric-like materials using interlocking builds and stitches. The benefits of the technology are that it’s cheaper and time-efficient, it provides the opportunity for young designers to create artistic designs without compromising their financial security. The revolution of 3D printing is transforming into a reality as university programmers and companies are sliding towards mainstream adoption.

3D printing works in harmony with textiles by using high-end PolyJet 3D Printing technology.

3D printing is filling the gap and elevating the innovative lineups in the fashion world by combining traditional textiles techniques and 3D printing processes.

Image Source- http://bit.ly/2DeN4m4

The future of designing certainly lies in the imagination. The combination of reality and unique unreal imaginations takes you to a creative world like 3D printing.

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