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Do you have the fashion bone in your body??

Do you have the fashion bone in your body??

Can everyone be an exceptional chef or an avid reader or for that matter a talented writer? I know what your answer is; it’s a big NO…

Similarly fashion world is also not everyone’s cup of tea… there are certain traits that we need to keep a look out for.

Traits of a future Manish Malhotra, well on a serious note a successful FASHION DESIGNER

So what grabs your attention?  India today or the vogue magazine: I know this isn’t the most accurate way of deciding ones career path however it surely gives an Insight to a person’s mind. So if you are more into reading the fashion blogs or fashion personified magazines then you might be harboring the next fashion diva, or divo in you.


Source : http://acreativeday.us/

You witness your way of designing everywhere: This friend of yours comes and visits you after ages and after a brief meet and a sweet hug all your mind can think of is that “I wish she was wearing pink boots with that outfit instead of black”, well then it’s already working.


Source : http://www.houseoffaux.com/

You consider small little details as well: You like to see perfection in your attire each time and every time. So one odd time that pleat not falling the perfect way on the skirt might work with others but not with you. Or when giving a dress for stitching, you might just end up giving your own design of embroidery. Keeping visualizing and drawing as your paramount strengths if you possess an eye for detail then surely you can do justice to the fashion industry and be an asset.


Source : https://in.pinterest.com/

Creative and artistic: Are you artistic by nature and tend to see art in your daily life? Do people appreciate your sense of style more often than necessary? Does your heart appreciate music, dance or paintings? Does anything that is creative grab your attention?  Then my friends you surely are gifted hence make the most of it and find your path.


Source : http://wnmu.edu/

Along with these important characteristics if one wants to excel in his/her goals then it goes without saying that obviously you need to learn the tricks of the trade and have good communication skills, a sane sense of business working, of course a competitive spirit, and an ability to work in a cohesive manner with all as a team.

Now as you have a fair idea please ask yourself and let your near and dear ones know that from now on they need to worry about fashion trends, as soon enough fashion and its trends is going to be a family affair J Give a pat on your back because you are the future successful FASHION DESIGNER.

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