One Year Diploma in Fashion Design


The top fashion designing institutes in Bangalore offer diploma in fashion designing which help the graduates learn skills and techniques related to fashion designing. The students learn the concepts of arts and fashion by studying at the Bangalore campus.
The best fashion designing college Bangalore helps in fetching jobs such as Fashion Designer, Retail Buyer, Retail Manager, Merchandiser, Stylist, Textile Designer, Magazine, Journalist, Production Executive, Quality Control, Fashion Communicator, Textile Engineer, Event Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Product Development Manager, Product Developer, Public Relations Officer, Fashion Forecaster, Fashion Journalist, Fashion Consultant, Illustrators and Freelancer.

The fashion designing institutes in Bangalore help the interested students to gain fashion knowledge and become successful in life. The students learn to create one type of design at a time by choosing diploma in fashion and apparel design. This helps them to specialize in any of the fields such as casual, party, traditional, active or sport wear. The beauty reflected in creative fashion and apparel design attracts a number of customers, leading to the growth of a business.

Course Details:

Duration: One Year

Eligibility: 10+2



Elements of Fashion process: Fashion origin, evolution, French revolution, Fashion cycles, Fashion theories and terminologies, Basic Art Media, Elements of Art, Principles of design and Basics of Fashion Figure- 8 head, 10 head, 12 head theory of fashion drawing.


A brief study about textile fibers-Textile, Fiber, Yarn, Ply, Thread, Staple and Filament fiber, Fabric-warp and weft, Greige/Gray goods , Sources, Classification of textile fibres and end uses.Different methods of fabric formation-Definition- Weaving, Knitting, Knotting and Non-woven, and end uses, Fabric width and selvedges and importance. General Characteristics of woven fabrics and its uses– Plain, Rib, Basket, Twill, Satin and sateen weave, and their end uses, Yarn manufacturing process- S-Twist, Z-twist, Sewing threads- types and properties, fancy yarns-types and uses and Basics of Dyeing and printing- Tie and dye, Block print, Batik printing.


Introduction to pattern making & Garment construction, History of sewing machine. sewing machine categories Domestic sewing machine, Industrial sewing machine, sewing machine needles- types, parts & functions, care and maintenance of sewing machine, Tools for pattern making and Garment construction- Measuring tools, marking tools, Cutting tools, sewing tools, Pressing tools, different GSM paper & its uses, Introduction to Body Measurement and Garment measurements, Basic hand Stitches, Seams: Definition, terminologies, seam Dimensions, Introduction to pattern making and garment construction : Drafting, Draping, Flat Pattern Technique, Pattern making and Garment construction : Infant – Zabla, Pattern making and Garment construction : kids – Bodices Frock and skirt,  Bush Shirt/shorts.


Embroidery –Implementation of  basic embroidery stitch – Straight stitch-Stem, Back, fly stitch; Flat stitch-Satin, Cross; Loop stitch – Herring Bone, Feather stitch; Knotted stitch-French knot, Bullion Knot, Crochet – tools, material, techniques, types of Single crochet, double crochet, treble pattern, Knitting –Tools & materials used for Knitting, Techniques employed in knitting, Terminologies, Kantha embroidery,Kasuthi embroidery,Pulkari embroidery Chikankari embroidery Aari embroidery : Tools and material required for the embroidery and application of  basic techniques, machine embroidery, Tools and material required for the embroidery and application of  basic techniques, Product Development.


Fashion Accessories- Introduction, definition, history and classification, types of accessories(Headgears, Footwear, Bows, ties, belts, handbags, Gloves, Scarves, Stoles and Shawls,  Jewellery- Introduction, definition and types and sketching and rendering of different types of accessories and development of products based on themes


Basics of Computers, Photoshop and Corel Draw- Introduction, features and its Application, Logo Designing, Create an advertising brochure, Visiting Card and Letter head, fashion Accessories like necklace, bracelet and ear ring, Motifs development – Symmetrical/Asymmetrical, Balanced/Unbalanced, Repeat – ½ drop, ¼ drop, ¾ drop – H/V. Drop reverse, Design placements on boarders, pallu & allover. Draping of garments on men’s, women’s and children Casual, Party, Night, Sports, and Office/Formal Wears Using Photoshop/Corel Draw.


Introduction to body measurement and garment measurement, taking measurement on stitched garment and on human body. Design and Pattern development for Kids wear, Women’s wear, Men’s Wear and Designer Wear.


Introduction to portfolio presentation, Study of National and International        Designers, Mood board, Colour board, inspiration board, swatch board, client board, role model, Garment designing for theme based collection- 5 garments


Introduction to Boutique Management, Starting of Boutique- process involved, market survey, sourcing, store management, Fashion Marketing- introduction, types, market research, retail target customer, fashion leaders, 4p’s of marketing, target marketing, fashion promotion- planning, advertising, publicity, event management, Visual Merchandising- Store planning, Window display and Visual merchandising, Communication- Introduction, Inter and Intra communication, 7’C of communication.