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Christmas and New Year 2019 trends – Colors, Designs & Ideas

Christmas and New Year 2019 trends – Colors, Designs & Ideas

The festive, glamour, shimmery season is now around the corner and everyone wants something magical, world changing and unique. Christmas and New Year’s is a euphoric time, filled with lights, colors and wonders. With a minimalist design, expressive colors, and modern effusion, you can create a magical vibe to your festive season.

Follow these tips to light up your house with all the festive moods.

Christmas Color Trends 2019

Colors always create and set the mood for festive seasons especially when it is in the winters, the warm colors energies the surroundings. Combined with one bold and expressive color and giving it touch of metallic artistic look can definitely be proven to be a trendy decorative for this Christmas.

Let us not forget the innovative experimental ideas, go ahead try different colors, Moody and dark colors are trending this Christmas, compared with the combination of silver and white from previous trends.

The colors that bring coziness and warmth feels are Dark blue, Purple and even Dark Green.

These fascinating colors can energies your festive nights.

It is important to not overlook the natural hues. Bringing greens and nature to your home can be a wise and a traditional choice.

Raw wood with a natural green is a true Christmas comfort and a trend that never goes out of style.

Vintage Touch

Vintage decoration on Christmas is what sets the mood with a traditional touch. We all have few old Christmas ornaments hidden on some corer of the house.

Instead of spending a fortune on new fancy ornaments, redesign your old Christmas ornaments with a twist.

Add a new fresh, rustic DIY Christmas ornaments on the dinner table or on the holiday tree giving your home traditional continuity touch. A family holiday with vintage variations can give your relatives and friends a homely feel.

Lights and Aromas

Colors, designs, rustic look of ornaments definitely make your Christmas decoration trendy.

Let’s not underestimate the power of aromas and smells, for a fullest festive experience.

The fresh aroma of citrus, the delicate hint of cinnamon, the delicious smell of pine and their color reflection adds an astounding finishing touch.

It is not a need on Christmas to cut down a tree for a trendy composition. The perfect Christmas light can give an artistic and celebration mood to your festive theme. Antony, a student of Nitte School of Fashion Technology and Interior Design says that you can design and wrap lights around anything of your choice, something even as simple as a ladder here.

What adds a true magic to your decoration is elegant and aroma candles. Colorful candles are a must for your DIY Christmas decorations. Light is an essentials of a mid-winter holiday season. So go ahead and experiment with different shapes, sizes and colors of elegant candles.

New Year Decoration:

DIY Confetti Dipped Balloons Doesn’t confetti make everything more fun? Once you start using confetti in your DIY decorative trends, then it surely becomes an addiction. These confetti balloons are just fun and beautiful to decorate your New Year Eve’s party.

This DIY is as simple as dipping the balloons in confetti

You can even have a themed confetti dipped party. But when you do this make sure the confetti are of gold foil materials so that you don’t risk busting the balloons. If you’re using helium balloons, make sure you don’t use a lot of confetti or the balloons will have a hard time floating.

Festive drink stirrers using pom-poms

These fancy looking drink stirrers can bring a happy and fun vibe to your new year’s party. These DIY drink stirrers are super easy to make.

They are created by bamboo sticks, pipe cleaners and sparkly pom-poms.

What are you waiting for? Use all your free time making these super cool DIY decorative. Play with colors, designs, ideas that brighten up your festive season and create a happy mood for everyone around.

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