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What makes Nitte School of Fashion Technology and Interior Design a great option for Fashion & Interior Design careers!

         To become a famous fashion designer or interior designer one needs mainly two things i.e. First, a great passion and second, the right start. The later one is taken care by Nitte School of Fashion Technology and Interior Design (NSFTID). The first is something you need to have and have in abundance. So filled with passion, energy and yearning for learning and creating something extraordinary that it brings out the un-conceived ideas to manifested reality and making people stunned by sheer beauty of that creation.

Mentors not just teachers!

        To begin a successful career not only in Fashion or Interior Design but in any field, one should get the education that is not just limited to teaching but mentoring. At NSFTID, all our faculty and the principal Dr. Sandhya Ravi command higher degree respect as mentors to numerous successful students who are now in great positions in their lives. They have a long standing teaching and mentoring career spanning over decades. They are still in learning process as conveyed by one of the faculties of NSFTID. Ms. Radhika says, “There is never an end to learning. Till today, we are all learning and upgrading ourselves. It helps in many ways and one of the important ones is to connect with generations which are way ahead of that of ours. To mentor the current generations, one needs to understand them, needs to connect with them, know their aspirations & needs. So, we need to upgrade always to our next version”.

Incubators of the ideas

         Nitte Education Trust which owns Nitte School of Fashion Technology & Interior Design has a long history of creating great institutions. They have conceived the idea of creating a great institution in the field of Fashion and Interior Design as well and started manifesting the ideas. It has handpicked the best teaching and non-teaching staff team and appointed Dr. Sandhya Ravi (a PhD in Fashion Technology and one of pioneers in the industry) as principal.

Industry Connect

         The college has multiple MoUs with potential providers of jobs to the student of fashion & Interior design of NSFTID. Many of the previous student of our highly experience faculties have turned in job creators by opting for fashion & Interior entrepreneurs. The whole environment of the college help students to pursue their dream careers multiple specialization of the both fashion and interior design.

Equipped Learning Ecosystem

         The environment to sustain an idea to its execution and to the final output as an excellent product, one needs an enabled environment. The facility or infrastructure of the NSFTID is nothing less than that of the top or best fashion design colleges or interior design colleges in the Bangalore, India. Be it labs, classrooms or other support facilities including re-creational such as swimming pool, auditorium, hostels, transport or sports, every required facility is of the best class. This equips our students to bring their best and stay ahead in the one of highly competitive fashion and interior design market.

         While looking for the best or most suitable fashion or interior design colleges in Bangalore for yourself or for your son/daughter, you must find the above mentioned qualities i.e. teaching and mentoring environment, idea generators behind the institutions, connections with the industry and a learning ecosystem that facilitates innovations. Come at our facility and find all these at one place. This is the mix which makes NSFTID a great option for fashion & interior design careers.

Admissions open for One year diploma in fashion apparel & interior designing and  Bsc in fashion technology & interior designing  Apply Now.

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