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BVA-Textile Design

“Textiles tell the story of who we are”-Mary Hughes

Textiles is the most vintage and very significant area since its inception. India’s major share of economy arises from the textile industry. And today, this field has expanded in a humongous way with various new avenues like designing, application, and communication. The program, Bachelor of Visual Arts in Textile Designing is an upcoming innovating field designed to understand the importance, application, and usage of textile designing in the overall fashion industry. NITTE will help students to learn the basic of textile designing like knowledge about fibers, color compositions, dyeing techniques, printing weaving, sewing and overall processes of creating new designs on woven, printed or surface ornamented fabrics. Also, students will be encouraged to learn and impart their creative abilities to innovate new designs through various projects.


Career Opportunity

Amongst the various professions that students will be able to take up after pursuing this course are: Textile designer, Design Consultant, Fabric Resource Manager, Fabric Analyser, Creative Designer, Fashion Designer, costume designer, etc.