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BSc in Interior Design & Decoration

B.Sc. in Interior Design & Decoration


Have you ever been extremely excited by just changing the facing of your study table or by the books are arranged in the shelf! If yes, then your relationship with Interior Design has already been established. If you are more excited and passionate about making it big, give yourself wings with our best programs in Interior Designing i.e. B.Sc. in  Interior Design and One Year Diploma in Interior Design.

At Nitte School of Fashion & Interior Design, we study our relationship with spaces of daily life i.e. spaces of home, offices, shops & malls etc. The functionality, usability and aesthetic feeling of spaces are enhanced with help of extremely creative designs. The study of interior decoration at NITTEFTID, one of the best colleges in Bangalore, India, helps you to expand your perception of interior spaces and there you are capable of creating amazing visual compositions.

Another very important focus area is to make our student ‘work-ready’ to use the skills acquired at our best campus for interior design and decoration in Bangalore with best laboratory for both Interior Design and Fashion Design. We always encourage our student to bring the best working aspect of their skills and join on live projects as interns.


  • It gives the detailed understanding of the arts & Science of spaces; interiors, sometimes exteriors
  • Emphasizes on practical and industry-oriented methodology and training.
  • Prepares you to take the challenging projects and bring out your best
  • Develop the hidden interior designers, authorities or leaders in you
  • Helps imbibe aesthetic of design and create amazing living spaces for the consumers.
  • A comprehensive course with systematic and technical approach, research, creativity and imagination.
  • Gives an opportunity for ample practical implementation through internships, workshops etc.


  • Confident to make the best of acquired skills at NITTEFTID
  • Job ready and polished to the level of delivering greatly crafted spaces
  • Get the complete understanding of the working of the interior design industry
  • Develop a great sense to design keeping in mind the requirement of the consumers
  • Be able to feel confident to even take up entrepreneurial activities such as setting up your own interior design firms.


Nitte group is committed to create a top fashion & interior design college not only in Banglore, India but across the globe. To accomplish that goal, we give immense focus on the career aspects of our students. We have MoUs with job providers of Interior design industry and that will definitely benefit to students.

B.Sc. in Interior Design enables you with the skills required to pursue a career as: Interior Designer, Interior Coordinator, Space Designer, Freelance Designer, space Planner, Consultant, Landscape Designer, Stylist, Event Designer/ Consultant, Hospitality Consultant, Retail Designer/ Consultant, Kitchen and Bathroom Designer, Interior Consultant etc.



Eligibility: For 1st Semester – II PUC or 10+2 (Arts, Science or Commerce)

For admissions in one year diploma or three year degree courses in Interior Design & Decoration click here!

SEMESTER-I Language – English Construction Materials – I Interior Design – I Art & Graphics Indian Construction and Ethics Geometrical Drawing – I
SEMESTER – 2 Communicative English Construction Material – II Interior Design – II Workshop & Model Making Environmental Studies Geometrical Drawing – II
SEMESTER – 3 Construction & Detailing History of Interior Designing Computer Aided Design – I Interior Services – I. Interior Design – III. Interior Space Planning
SEMESTER – 4 Plumbing and Sanitation Specification / Estimation and Costing Computer Aided Design – II Interior Designing – IV Interior Services – II Furniture Designing
SEMESTER – 5 Professional Practice Project Management Interior Designing – V Interior Landscaping Elective Project
SEMESTER – 6 Project Work Industrial Apprenticeship.