B.Sc in Fashion & Apparel Design

Fashion & Apparel Design


Understanding the combination of colors and designs helps you in creating the best fashion piece. To help you with the same, B.Sc. in Fashion Technology is the best course to know the right pairing of clothes in terms of colors, styles, silhouettes and embellishments.

The students can learn the skills and techniques used in apparel and fashion industry to start their career from the small scale industries by studying at the best Fashion Technology institute. In addition, B.Sc. Fashion Technology nurtures personal creativity of the students, encouraging them to show more innovations in design thinking.

The young aspirants choose B.Sc. in Fashion & Apparel Design to learn about the designing elements and creativity. The teaching of different styles of fashion and latest trends help in the making of fashion and apparel design, thus one must choose the study of B.Sc. in Fashion and Apparel Design to achieve great success in this field.

Salient Features of the Course:

  • It teaches the difference between science and art of apparel studies and designing elements.
  • It develops skills and techniques used practically in industries.
  • It inculcates leadership quality in terms of fashion in the learners.
  • It helps in creating fashion collections with complete knowledge of designs.
  • It teaches the work of research, creativity, imaginative skills, and technical approach.
  • It helps you in unleashing the collection on the fashion runway.
  • It lets you know about the changing trends, cultural and historic dynamics, innovations and norms.
  • It covers subjects such as fabric analysis, fashion illustration, understanding principles of design, pattern making and garment construction.

Outcomes of the Course:

After completing the degree in fashion technology, you will get the following benefits:

  • You will be ready to work in any of the fashion industries.
  • You will acquire complete knowledge of clothing manufacturing, and garment construction to start your own work or work in fashion companies.
  • You can do fashion forecasting and design development by identifying the trend.
  • You can develop great fashion and design sense as per the current and future trends.
  • You can become self-employed and set up a design studio.

University Affiliation: Bangalore University

Course Details:

Eligibility: For 1st Semester – II PUC or 10+2 (Arts, Science or Commerce)

SEMESTER-I Language I Language II Fibre And Yarn Science Elements of Design and Fashion Basics of Pattern Making & Sewing
SEMESTER – 2 Language I Language II Fabric Analysis Basics of Garment Construction Computer Fundamentals
SEMESTER – 3 Language I Language II Fashion Art Design Pattern Making & Clothing Construction Wet Processing Indian Constitution
SEMESTER – 4 Language I Language II Traditional Textile Art Historic Costumes Entrepreneurship Development Environmental Studies
SEMESTER – 5 Fashion Accessories Garment Surface Ornamentation Textile Testing Apparel Production Apparel Computer Aided Design Fashion Business Management
SEMESTER – 6 Apparel Quality Assurance Portfolio Presentation Non Woven & Technical Textiles Apparel Export Documentation Shop Floor Management Project