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Bring that stunning you to the college! Tips to spice up your campus style!

Bring that stunning you to the college! Tips to spice up your campus style!

With the summers ushering, and commencement of new college sessions, thrill and excitement is in the air. So let’s go ahead and make this summer even more exciting by spicing up our dressing style. The FAT question??? What is the best way to spice up your dressing in college?? Well it is to play and experiment with colors, accessories, shoes, etc. Why save the classy dressing sense for the days when you have an important presentation to give in college or when you are all geared up for an inspection. A bit of planning and foresight with the basic knowledge of dressing sense can spice up even the most boring outfit…

Try and follow these simple and realistic tricks J and they will go a long way in aiding your dressing style and in turn enhancing your personality:

Planning your attire: Try and plan what you will wear broadly about a week in advance. It may sound like too much work or a high maintenance chore, but honestly it isn’t. Rather it provides one with clarity of thought. For example I always keep my lethal and major combinations ready by Sunday evenings and deciding on a colorful scarf or accessory is generally an impromptu decision. This little habit goes a long way in shaving minutes off from my schedule. After all a planned person is a confident person.


 Handy and ready to use statement accessories: Unique and creative accessories instantly add that chutzpa to your styling giving you the right punch you need. Scarves or bib necklaces works awesomely well when one wants to spice up the look. You might wanna invest in a fine pair of boots or that killer he young aspirants choose summer jacket, and it will always add that spark to your attire.



Funky costume jewelry: A nice neck piece or the full arm bangles can literally change the look of your entire attire. You have enough room to play here, as the choice is completely yours, so from a prominent neck piece, to a big cocktail ring, one can use their creativity freely. My personal favorite has always been wearing statement earrings, as they always defined my face, and my suggestion is to try chandelier or door knocker styles.



Why do we forget brooches: These are awesome accent jewelry if you intend to update your dressing style…? Pin one to your lovely cardigan or scarf and be ready for the head turns. Wow, head reminds me that one can even wear a brooch in the hair as a fine head piece 😉




Have a sane head with a fine head gear: More than the footgear I personally believe in the head gear. I just love head bands, and they are an evergreen way to spice up your clothing. The variety is so huge, starting from statement headbands to the simpler ones, from ultra-thin to the thick ones, the list is never ending. If you are in a hurry and want to add up that panache to your look then a headband is the best and the quickest way.



Let your feet do the talking: As I had mentioned earlier as well I aren’t the true shoe girl. I know sounds crazy, but I also know that a hot pair of shoes can do magic to your outfit in seconds. Since for me comfort comes before style, hence I played with variety of sneakers, and wedges, boots rather than stilettos. And always try and look for some unique patterns and designs and don’t forget to invest in a gorgeous pair of flats or moccasins. Well, whatever might be your choice, if you truly want to spice up your chic look, then try playing with unexpected patterns or colors. My personal favorite, patent, floral, metallic, animal print, just to mention a few shoe trends.


Bright handbags can be fun too: Bright and colorful bags are always trending. The best and handy color, are white, beige, black, brown, as they end up being a combo with all outfits. But play with colors as well, because the bright ones are as versatile. Have you ever thought of the best trick to choose the right colorful bag for yourself? Well here it is…..Always ensure that the color meshes with the rest of your wardrobe. For warmer tones a marigold color is good and a blue color handbag can do wonders if you are more of a grey or lavender fan.


Hairstyle: With a colorful top and a pair of denims, a fine hairstyle will complete the look surely. Starting from a messy bun, to a fine ponytail you can create your own unique style and especially if you have hair which are on the longer side.

Hence girls it’s time to have fun and experiment with various colors, accessories, styles, etc. as they add spark and life to your attire. Hopefully these tips are beneficial to spice up your persona… so go ahead with  your confidence.

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