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Beautiful Hair deserves beautiful style- Hairstyles best suited for Indian Wear

Beautiful Hair deserves beautiful style- Hairstyles best suited for Indian Wear

You have to have fun with your hair. It’s a great accessary so play with it.Serge Normant

A nice and apt hairdo with a classy apparel is a definite and permanent crown for a woman. I strongly feel that one’s style quotient is defined not only by what one wears but also by how ones hair style is because a hairstyle defines the personality to a great extent.

However which hairdo on what occasion, or attire can be a challenging question for our minds as a lot depends on your hair texture, length, thickness, your face shape, etc. but An apt hairstyle can increase your glam quotient multifold, and make you look even more chic, hence to the best of my knowledge I present a few but classy hairstyles which are best with our Indian outfits, mainly sarees and salwar suits.

Take a look, it might help

Traditional Indian wear

Saree: The graceful drape we call a saree still rules our country and is worn most often by women. Saree is so adaptive AND YET unique that it can be carried beautifully for any occasion, be it a formal meeting at the work front, a family occasion, a marriage or a fine gets together in the evening. Hence it’s imperative that we know our options available in terms of a hairdo with this attire. I strongly feel “hair buns” still dominates when it comes to making a hairstyle with a saree, so here you go with a few options, do try them:

  • The evergreen Top Knot: This bun is very simple to make and master and will also blend in perfectly with your saree. Apt for an occasion in the evening.Fashion_Queen_aishwarya

image source : www.blingsparkle.com

  • The medium base bun: This sort of a bun is more apt for more formal occasions like formal meetings, or get together. Can be carried both during the day or night.Deepika_Fashion_Lady

image source : www.pinterest.com

  • The beautiful low base medium bun: In this you can try different variations, like make a braid first and then make a bun of the same. This is good with more traditional or ethnic work sarees or even with lehenga’s.


image source : www.stylecraze.com

  • The forever big high bun: This hairstyle is for your let your hair down kind of parties, alas more of informal affairs where you plan to wear that beautiful crape/chiffon saree of yours along with a nice and sexy deep neck blouse. The specialty of this bun is that it is tousled and a bit messy look.big_high_bun

image source : thelifestylesofpauline

  • The chic and classy plaited brunette bun: This bun is so suave and utterly stylish. So much so that its gives a royal look to your personality. It’s a definite hair style for a more formal occasion.plaited_brunette_bun

image source : www.wikihow.com

  • The famous puff in front and bun at the back: this is a sure head turner and stunningly chic. Pair it up with a traditional pair of danglers, and you won’t get a look any lesser than a Bollywood celebrity. Apt for occasions which are more traditional in nature.


image source : wiseshe

Salwar suit/kurta and slacks:

This attire is again one of the most famous and comfortable to wear in our country especially considering the climate conditions. From a simple salwar kameez of day to day wear to the evergreen Anarkali’s for those special evenings, here a few hairstyles that you can make along with your beautiful outfits:

  • The oh so famous and feminine front braided low ponytail: Say if you are going to college or with friends, etc. and want to give your simple kurta with jeans more of a trendy look then a special hairdo is a must. All you need for this hairstyle is a steady hand so you can make a clean and tidy braid from the lovely hair in front and simply tying it all in a nice but low pony which can be kept at the front side. If you have time in hand then this is a must try, however please keep in mind that it can be time consuming. Match it up with long baliyas to complete the chic look.


image source : www.pinterest.com

  • Hair half pinned back: This is personally my favorite as it suits my face cut which is a combination of a long and square shape. It’s fashionable yet extremely simple to make. You can take a center partition and back comb your hair to add some volume to it and post adding volume simply take strands of hair from the side of the partition and pin it at the back with maybe a jeweled clip to add glamour to it. It’s a definite elegant hairstyle and is also fuss free, so think about it.Hair_half_pinned_back

image source : www.beautyglimpse.com

    • The ever so famous side plait: Well the regular plait is a regular plait and can be quite monotonous, thus why not try the side plait style? It’s simpler than simple, you just have to tie a loose plait or maybe a nice French braid on the side of your face, you can choose any side you are comfortable with. It’s a casual not such a formal look for sure.


image source :therighthairstyles.com

  • A simple straightened hair look: if you have straight hair that are cut in layers, then it’s even easier for you to style it, simply wash your hair and blow dry them, with maybe straightening the ends using a straightener, and boom you are good to go.



image source : www.stylecraze.com

I believe whatever hairstyle our clothes you choose the most important accessory is your smile so never forget that….keep smiling.

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