Accessories your interiors with mirrors and make it look fancy!

Accessories your interiors with mirrors and make it look fancy!


Mirrors add a modernist look to your interior. Apart from adding a versatile element, it also gives your room a dramatic look. With all the variety of designs available now, one can just go for it without giving it a second thought. Here are few tips to emphasize your interiors with the ‘mirror’ element that give away a classic and elegant look. And if you’re an interior enthusiast, join Interior design and decorating courses at Nitte School of Fashion Technology and Interior Design to have a thorough knowledge in this field and start a career that you love!

  • Mirror to lighten your room

Place the mirror next to or opposite a window in order to let the light in. Mirrors reflect all the light that comes in, so the bigger the mirror, the brighter the room.

  • Ornate mirrors in neutral rooms to add an edge

For neutral rooms, always go for something edgy that changes the look of it entirely and also brings in some uniqueness. If you have mirrors in mind to do the job then go for an ornate mirror as its unique design looks like a piece of art with an additional reflecting quality. Make sure you choose the mirror that goes well with the color of your wall.

  • Create a wall art using the mirror

A statement mirror piece can act as a central wall art having all the attention it deserves. Paintings are no more trendy, try a mirror this time.

  • Blend it in with your interiors the right way

Do you have beautiful furniture set? Want it to stand out when someone enters your space? Then having a mirror instead of anything else is the best way to keep the focus right.

Placement of the mirror is very important here. Place it in a way that it reflects what you like without the focus being distracted.

  • Window-like mirrors

What to do with small rooms? Placing a lot of accessories might make it look a dungeon. Mirrors that look like windows is your go-to option here as it makes a small room look big because of the illusion of depth created by the reflection.

  • Mirror collage

Let’s ditch the photo collage this time and try a mirror collage. This works best for a neutral room giving it a nice and minimalistic look.

  • Mirror mirror on the floor

Yes literally the floor. Mirrors don’t have to be placed on a wall all the time. A huge floor mirror will give your space a modern look and also create some height for the room on the reflection

These are some of the ways to include mirrors for your interior. The whole point of a mirror is the reflection. So pay attention to its placement before you decide on anything else. For example, you would want to reflect a nice view from your window by placing it in the right angle. Sounds cool right? It definitely looks cool too.

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