6 Jackets Every Curvy Woman Should Have in Her Closet!

6 Jackets Every Curvy Woman Should Have in Her Closet!

Feeling confident needs no body type. Nitte School of fashion technology and interior design believes that every women needs to feels sexy and confident each moment, we are listing down some of the most fashionable Jackets and shrugs that brings out the best in you. Throw on those denim jackets or your swim Kimonos and walk the crowd like a diva.

1. Floral Printed Kimono

A floral Kimono is a style in itself. Summer season means swim season and a season to flaunt the floral. What better way than a sexy Kimono to dazzle the summer vibe?!


2. A slightly rugged denim jacket

A sporty jacket with a super confident outlook, rugged denim jacket is always in the trend and makes your look complete giving away a bold and sexy vibe.


3. White hem an open front shrug

A graceful look is what this white hem open front shrug has to offer. Pair it up with a white t shirt and a blue denim jean and boom, let your elegance do all the talking.


4. White and blue quilted jacket with front zipper

Own the super cozy and stylish Jacket. This white and blue quilted jacket not only keeps you cozy and warm but also puts you in a zone that’s comfortable and stylish.


5. Black formal jacket

A Black formal jacket gives you a sassy look like no other! Either you’re attending a meeting or hanging out with your friends, you can always find a way to pull off this extraordinary look.


6. Blue and white stripe quilted jacket

‘Stripes’ gives your body an elegant shape. This blue and white stripe jacket can be worn on a black or a white t-shirt, it can also be paired with a blue dress.


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